6 Big Advantages of Selling Your Mineral Rights Now

Attention property owners! Did you know your land might be sitting on valuable oil and gas rights that are under your property?  Valuable resources like oil, and natural gas could exist under your land. And, you have the right to sell these “mineral rights” to royalty buyers for a big lump sum payment.

What Are Mineral Rights Exactly?

When you buy or inherit land, in many cases mineral rights are acquired. This grants you ownership of all valuable materials like oil, and natural gas, underneath your property.

You generally have options for this, leasing or selling. Leasing means letting a company access your land to drill and extract resources in exchange for royalty payments. And, selling transfers ownership of the minerals to the buyer for a negotiated lump sum payment upfront.

selling oil mineral rights

Why Sell Your Rights?

Selling your mineral rights offers many financial and practical benefits over leasing them.

Financial Freedom Selling the mineral rights could give you a nice chunk of cash. Receive a large lump sum payment upfront at once instead of unpredictable monthly royalty checks dependent on the production. Use this windfall to pay off nagging bills and loans. Get the money and go on a vacation you’ve been putting off, renovate your outdated home, pay for college, or finally get your dream car. 

Tax Advantages – Selling your mineral rights may qualify you for lower capital gains tax rates compared to ordinary income from lease royalties. This is indeed a nice perk that puts even more money in your pocket.

Education Funds – With college tuition skyrocketing exponentially every year, an extra source of money never hurts. Sell your oil and gas mineral rights and stash away the funds for your kids’ future education. Go for a savings plan and watch the money grow. Or, use it to finally complete your degree or training with cash left over.

Medical Bills – A sudden illness, chronic health condition, or bad accident – anything can hit you at any time, leaving you with high medical bills and expenses. Rather than draining your savings, decide to sell oil rights to pay for treatments and procedures. 

Goodbye Risks – Leasing gives you royalty checks. They depend on things you can’t control, like market prices, how much oil the company pumps out, and supply and demand. It’s uncertain and unpredictable from month to month. Selling gets rid of all that rollercoaster financial instability. You don’t gotta worry about factors out of your control. 

Retirement – A comfortable retirement requires prudent planning. The money from selling your oil rights lets you supercharge your retirement funds. You can quit work early and take tons of vacations. You can cross stuff off your bucket list. And, simply enjoy retirement without money headaches.

Final Words

If selling your mineral rights sounds interesting, then partner with a reputable buyer like to make it happen.

We have decades of experience valuing and purchasing mineral rights in regions like Texas, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, etc.

We provide a fair offer and a smooth sale process. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation value for your mineral rights.