A Pro-Guide to Understanding Mineral Rights in Texas

Attention, landowners of Texas! Your property might hold more value than you know. Want to know why?

Deep below the surface of your property, there lies a complex world of minerals, including oil and gas. And, understanding your mineral rights in Texas means unlocking their financial potential.

First Thing First – Let’s Start with the Rich History of Mineral Rights in Texas

From the very beginning, Texas knew minerals were a big deal. As most regions pursue oil and gas, Texas has regulations in place. They’re kinda tricky for property owners. If you want to get this, you gotta wrap your head around royalty calculations, rights of access, and not to forget – the distinction between dominant and subservient estates. 

So, in a nutshell, mineral rights need your attention – and, for that, you need to study and understand them.

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Surface Estate vs. Mineral Estate

The key aspect of mineral rights lies in the separation of surface estate and mineral estate.

Well, when talking about the surface estate, it generally refers to the visible land at the surface level. And if we pick mineral estate, this includes the valuable resources hidden beneath the ground.

Note – Unlike most places, Texas gives some perks to the landowners. It allows the surface owner to split and separately sell or lease these two estates. When owned together, they are combined and when split, they are separated.

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Determining Ownership and Researching Mineral Rights

Mineral rights ownership is not always straightforward because there are divisions based on the percentage or mineral type.

And, for this, extensive research is needed to clarify ownership. 

And there’s a way for those dealing with oil and gas companies. They can request a “division order” that can provide clarity on how produced hydrocarbons are divided among royalty owners.

Selling Mineral Rights – A Lucrative Option

If the complexities of mineral rights in Texas feel overwhelming, selling might be a profitable option.

Reputable mineral rights buyers like offer decades of experience in valuing and purchasing mineral rights across various regions, including Texas.

Final Words

Understanding how mineral rights work in Texas matters to property owners.

Whether you want to understand the complex game of ownership, leasing agreements, or determining the value of your oil and gas mineral rights, you must be well informed.

And those, considering selling oil and gas mineral rights and royaltiespartner with experienced mineral rights buyers like us. This is how you can unlock the financial potential hidden beneath the surface.

We offer fair quotes and we guarantee a smooth sale process. Reach out to us today for a free no-obligation value for your oil and gas mineral rights.