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Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry. We stay up-to-date with market trends and regulatory changes to provide you with the best possible solutions.


We believe in transparent, honest and fair dealings. You can trust us to provide you with a clear understanding of the process and offer competitive prices for your properties.

Fast turnaround

We value your time and aim to expedite the process, whether you’re selling your assets or seeking property valuation. Our process ensures a smooth experience.


Your privacy and the confidentiality of your information are of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that your data is secure and handled with care.

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Non-producing, not leased, leased in areas all over the USA- we can evaluate and purchase – request an offer
Production payments from an oil and gas operator for royalty that is due from your property – request an offer
(NPRI) Production payments that are due but have no rights to enter into a lease. – request an offer
An interest in the production that is due, carved out of a working interest. Usually not charged with expenses of operating a well. – request an offer
Since 2001

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Oil and Gas Mineral Rights

We purchase in most states in the USA
Where We Buy Mineral Rights and Royalty Interests
We buy both producing and non-producing minerals in all oil and gas-producing states in the USA. However, we are focused on the following states due to the amount of production and activity.
We even buy in less active states, such as Michigan, Illinois, Alabama and Arkansas.
Mineral-Rights Map

Who We Buy From

We buy oil and gas royalties and mineral rights from many types of entities across the states. They all have reasons to want to liquidate their ownerships.
Estate planning and debt relief are common reasons to sell.
We buy oil and gas royalties and mineral rights from both family and institutional trusts.
Many times ownership is cumbersome for non-profits and doesn’t fit their focus for moving forward. And, here we come for rescue.
We help them to get cash that they can deploy towards other initiatives, consistent with their priorities.
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Thomas Smith

Founder & CEO

I am putting my affairs in order. I don’t want to burden my kids with the hassle of transferring ownership and managing small mineral rights. When my sister passed away, my niece and nephew had to hire an attorney to help them with the minerals. I don’t want my kids to go through that.

Thomas Smith

Pro Systems Founder

I inherited my mineral rights so they were sentimental, but I don’t really want to bother with managing them and filing extra tax returns. I decided to sell and use the money as a down payment on my house.

John Peter

Eco Systems Founder

I had no idea how fast the oil production would decline. My checks are only 20% of what they were a few years ago. I should have sold my mineral rights when the wells were brand new and still generating huge royalties.

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We work with companies, individuals, estates, trusts, and heirs to help liquidate or identify and evaluate value in mineral rights ownership. We purchase producing and non-producing, leased and non-leased mineral acreage of all sizes. We purchase these interests from individuals, estates, trusts, and heirs and help navigate the complicated process of identifying value and selling mineral rights assets. Many forms of ownership include overriding royalty interests, royalty interests, working interests, lease interests, mineral interests, etc.) As well as non-producing holdings (mineral rights, Land and mineral rights, etc.). If you like to sell mineral rights to a property you own, please contact us to discover how we can help you If you wish to sell mineral rights, and oil and gas royalties, then send us the details on the properties. We will review them and make a quick offer. We purchase oil royalties from all over the United States. We need only a few documents to start the process so use our online form on this page or call us at 866-609-3931 and we will evaluate your producing or non-producing mineral rights or oil and gas royalty. By selling your oil royalties, you can eliminate the risk of commodities fluctuations and depletion of the assets.

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    FAQ Section for Mineral Rights

    Mineral rights are basically the ownership rights to underground resources that include different fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.), metals, and ores as well as mineable rocks such as limestone and salt. When you are buying a property in the United States, it is noticed that mineral rights are treated differently from surface rights legally. While surface rights allow the owner the right to use the surface of the land for residential, agricultural, commercial, and other purposes, mineral rights give the owner the right to own and exploit any natural resources found beneath the land.

    In the United States, individuals can purchase land and obtain the right legally to develop and exploit that land, including any natural resources found beneath its surface. It may not be the same for other countries. That is the reason, homeowners with rights to valuable resources in the USA have the power to sell those mineral rights to private corporations and take advantage of substantial up-front or ongoing royalty payments.

    Yes. When you have mineral rights and you earn an income from the sale or lease of your land mineral rights are taxable. You might need to pay different types of taxes such as income, severance, etc baes on the type of entity.

    Here are the steps you need to take to sell your mineral rights without much hassle.

    • Find out the perfect time to sell
    • Be aware of the legal requirements for selling
    • Compile GIS Map Data
    • Assess offers offered by us
    • Sign the Buyer’s deed
    • Close the deal and get the money
    The timeframe may depend on different factors like the locations of the minerals and how easy or complicated it is to verify a clean title. However, We tend to complete the process and close the deal in a week. We draft all the paperwork to make the process painless, quick, and easy for our valuable clients and also deliver the value of the rights within one week if there are no issues.
    Yes, you can easily sell any percentage of your mineral rights to us. You are also eligible to sell the royalty interest and keep your mineral interest to yourself as selling the royalty interest can give you a lump sum of money without losing the mineral interest in your family.
    It is a fact that mineral rights can lose value over time. Mineral resources like oil and gas are finite and they will eventually be exhausted. And, in many cases, they can be depleted faster than you even think. Owners can temporarily increase royalty income with additional wells, but the productive life of a well can be short due to advanced technology and frequent uses of oil and gas. So, if you want to get the best value for your mineral rights, you can sell it to Mineral Rights as we can unlock the full potential of your oil and gas assets and give you the maximum value for the rights.